June, 2017

The beauty that can be found in everyday life is something that really intrigues me. I am particularly interested in capturing and exploring those moments and emotions of the appreciation of beauty. It has always been very important to me from the start that the people and places I am capturing are very close to me in order to create work that feels authentic and raw.

Through my work I hope to portray an idyllic dream-state image, romanticizing the mundane through photographing simple objects, differently lit and positioned. Whilst capturing my friends in their natural state, focusing on raw and real emotions. I work with 35mm analogue photography.

My current work is based on a set of 15 images presented in an exhibition shown in the Herbert Read Gallery, as well as a hand bound book titled Femme/Homme. I wanted the focus of the exhibition to be based on moments, with lighting and colour being the two main elements portrayed. 





April, 2016

In Alanna Proctors previous practice, she has been very interested in exploring and capturing the different moments and emotions of every day life to keep as proof that the moment happened. Something that has been very important to her from the start was capturing people and places that are very close to her heart and creating work that was real and raw and had feeling to it. The people photographed in Proctors work are either family or close friends who mean a lot to her, more to her then just being a pretty face to photograph.

The photographers Gillian Zinser and Wolfgang Tillmans have heavily influenced Proctor’s work and she was particularly inspired by the way Tillmans practiced his work. He would go out daily with his camera and just take pictures purely for the enjoyment. McGinley and Zinser both inspired the feeling and the vibe you get from her work. She wanted to create a feeling that makes you feel happy and hopeful and lets you escape from your life and delve into another world. She found that the use of colour and lighting can really influence a certain mood, as brighter colours and lots of light can instantly make you feel happier compared to drearier colours and minimal lighting. 

With SUNDAY MORNING, a projection that can be found in the back room, Proctor wanted to focus on a period of time - the way a special memory can be captured to remember forever. She wanted to explore and capture those feelings of a slow morning and portray - sleepy eyes, sunlight leaking through the blinds, birds singing, cooking breakfast to loud music, fresh coffee, fresh fruit in the garden and make a slide projection. From the start she knew she wanted to use film, as the whole process is more intimate, and to capture the photos you really have to be in the moment and enjoy it, which is something that she felt went perfectly with the idea behind the images.