Fri 17 Aug. 2:21am.

"The soul usually knows what it needs to do to heal itself. The challenge is to quieten the mind."


Here we are at 2am, and I just came across this quote and it really got me thinking. I feel like it makes so much sense, and is, in my opinion, true. We know, deep down how to care for ourselves and what will make us better and help us progress but usually the difficult element is making our minds calm. Isn't that what we are all chasing? A quiet mind and a good state of mind - I for sure know that I am. But maybe by chasing it so much it creates a certain amount of pressure which in return can make the mind go the complete opposite. And I feel like I've definitely been finding that super hard. Struggling so much with how I feel and knowing how to quieten my mind and progress in that sense. 

But during the struggle you start to learn more with what helps and what doesn't, and here what has been helping to quiet my mind and heal my soul is.... regular weekend escapes to the beach and home, lots and lots of reading, waking up at 7am every morning and sitting in the garden emptying my thoughts onto paper (sometimes this is in a bikini, sometimes this is wrapped up in a blanket, regardless of the weather - go for it!), running, weekly pamper sessions featuring the whole shabang, you know, face masks, clean hair, shaven legs, freshly painted nails, plucked eyebrows, candles, silk robe - and then you feel like a goddess after, seeing or calling my best friends - whether it be over a glass of wine (or 4!) or for a coffee or a long walk, drinking lots of chai tea, swimming in the sea, calling my mum and crying and getting everything off my chest, making plans with my friends! yoga, yoga, yoga, morning sunshine with tea or coffee, planning my travelling and then nestling into bed and escaping the world with my fav book. 

It's taking time but it helps, and so far so good...

A, x