Sometimes it just happens. Everything stops, everything starts and you're where you are. No recollection, no feeling. Just thoughts, passion and love. I've been reading a lot of books recently based on the ideas of creativity and spirituality and it's gotten me thinking... why do we not do the things we love because we're scared of the outcome? Scared of what people will say; whether it will be accepted, loved, adored. Or whether we will be judged, or misinterpreted. Why does all of this matter? No, seriously... Why does it matter? Especially when the creating is based on love and full of so much passion. Full of every emotion where you shouldn't be fearful, or feel fearful of what someone might think, or whether it will be read, shared, liked or even seen. I've noticed that I've been feeling like this recently with my blog. I've stopped creating content as I've been so consumed with wondering whether people will 'like' it,

Whether it will get many likes on facebook, whether it'll get many views, whether people will talk about it or whether people will think it's shit. Whether people will think I'm 'self obsessed', annoying or too much. When really, the reason I started my blog, was because there was nothing I loved more than sitting down after a long day with a cup of coffee/tea/ or a glass of wine, feeling inspired or sad or scared or excited and just pouring my heart out. Capturing all the feelings of growing up, whether it be through writing or pictures, and creating a visual online diary where I can remember and capture moments. Where everyone else can see it if they want too. I didn't write because I wanted to be seen, or because I wanted to be heard. I did it because I loved it. Because once I started writing suddenly all the words would come pouring out of my heart straight through my fingertips and my hands would be typing so fast I'd have no idea what I was saying but it felt so right and like I needed to get it out of me. No overthinking, no over analysing. Just words that needed to be said.

Neglecting your soul over commitments or ideas that don't, or didn't, do anything for you is silly. And you've gotta remember that. Why are you doing them? Especially if they don't bring you happiness. Why are you? You've gotta remember that and you've gotta keep asking yourself those questions. Do it if you love it. Leave it if you don't. Whether you spend your whole day working or not, you've gotta have something you can do every single day that will bring you pure happiness, a way to escape (in a sense) and something that is your thing. No worries, no judgements. Just creativity and a passion. 

So here we are. It's nice to be back.

A, x