“When life gives you lemons, sell them and buy a pineapple. How to better your life 101.” 
― Davin Turney

Well, usually you'd make lemonade, or perhaps, if you're feeling fancy, you'd add a little gin, or vodka. But today, these lemons squirted straight in my eyes and made me cry (metaphorically speaking, today I haven't cried yet - but I feel like I'm getting there). Nothing happened to make this situation happen, and I can reassure you that things really aren't negative right now, things are actually very good in life. But today, well today I feel very negative. 

And there's absolutely no reason as to why I should, or why I do. But I've come to the conclusion that today just is one of those really shitty days where everything sucks and you eat too much chocolate and tell yourself it's fine, who cares, yolo, no worries, but then you sleep through your alarm and don't make it to the gym, and then you beat yourself up and call yourself names which leads to eating MORE chocolate, because you're stressed and sad, and then this makes you hate yourself more because you didn't   

make it to the gym and you're still eating this bloody chocolate that you don't even want. And then before it's even 10am you're tired, you're grumpy, you're ready to hide underneath your covers and sulk. (where you can eat more chocolate and cry) You know these days? Well, today is one of them. 

The feeling of frustration, guilt, annoyance, and all those blah blah blah feelings. So, what do you do to get these days to go away, or for the feelings to leave? Good question. It's now 4:53, and I haven't really done anything today that would've helped, or could've helped. Partly due to me being lazy, and partly down to the fact that my whole day is taken up by work. But that's ok, I have my evening. And I plan on making the most of my evening. Taking a long candle lit bath, stretching my body, practising yoga and meditating, eating a nice dinner and then ending the night snuggling up to my boyfriend and delving into a Netflix series, a film or a good book. Doesn't that sound perfect? I just can't wait. I knew, from past experiences, that I would have a day at some point this week where I would feel a little down, or something along the lines of this. Some may say that I set myself up for this mind set, but I say, well, I know myself.

I knew, from past experiences, that I would have a day at some point this week where I would feel a little down, or something along the lines of this. Some may say that I set myself up for this mind set, but I say, well, I know myself. My weekend was hectic; a best friends wedding and a very hungover Sunday at home, led to not having any time, not even an hour, to get organised or plan or prep for the week which led me going into the week feeling completely disorganised and a little scatty. I know from the past that having a Sunday to GYST (Get Your Shit Together) is super important for my mental clarity, my productivity, my health, and it's also my most favourite way to spend my Sundays because I feel great after. I'm able to get some food so I can make healthy lunches, organise my week so I know what I'm doing, catch up things that I got behind on last week, and generally just feel totally together and organised and completely ready for the week. But whatever, sometimes life gets in the way. ANYWAY... I'm drifting. 

So, on those days where you DO have the time to have a self care day, or a GYST day, or even just an afternoon, which believe me, is totally necessary, you should totally do all the things that make you feel amazing. Maybe that's taking a walk or grabbing a coffee or going for a run or to a yoga class or making yourself a really yummy healthy breakfast (banana pancakes??...mmm) clean your room, organise, and really start to get your shit together.

Ways to help, things to do, and ways to shake yourself out of the darn bad mood. 

GIVE YOURSELF A PREP TALK, TAKE A BATH AND CHILL OUT, READ YOUR BOOK, STRETCH YOUR BODY,  EAT SOME HEALTHY FOOD, EAT SOME SHITTY FOOD (but not too much otherwise that whole ate too my chocolate didn't go to the gym palava might happen again and then we'll be back to square 1 which we don't want) HUG YOUR BOYFRIEND OR YOUR MUM OR YOUR CAT OR EVEN A TREE, MAYBE HAVE A CRY IF YOU FANCY, TICK OFF YOUR TO-DO LIST, PLAN OUT YOUR WEEK, WRITE ALL YOUR EMOTIONS DOWN AND TELL YOURSELF HOW BADASS YOU ARE, PLAN YOUR DREAMS & YOUR GOALS AND WHAT YOU WANNA DO IN THE YEAR( OR IF YOU'RE MY MUM BOOK 5 HOLIDAYS), HAVE A DANCE PARTY, and then after all that you'll probably want a nap. And then hopefully after you'll feel better???

That's what I'm hoping. I'll let you know how that goes.

A, x

(p.s I didn't have a picture of lemons, a blossom tree was the closest)

(p.p.s, this was written Tuesday, it's now Thursday. I feel better)