"Take what you love and make it your life."

2018 I will... 

1. Develop self love and confidence 

- Learn to love myself

- Feeling confident and good in my own skin

- Trust the Universe and myself

- Prioritise myself

2. Travel as much as I possibly can

- Greece

- Italy

- Spain

- Paris  

- Amsterdam 



3. Workout 3 times a week 

4. Read more books

5. Write everyday - whether it be in my journal, on my blog, as a poem, a song, or even as a load of crap 

6. CREATE - Stop spending my spare time aimlessly scrolling through instagram or half watching Netflix and instead spend it working on creative projects, which are all very exciting ;)

- My blog

- My youtube

- Photography

-Graphic design

-Spotify playlists

7. (And this is the big and final one) Work so hard on my photography that I'm able to go freelance this time next year, make a living and have my work in magazines. 

Let's do this 2018.

A, x