Crystal clear turquoise sea, white sand, surf towns, cocktail bars, the best food and best company

Portugal was a dream; The most beautiful weather, an endless array of beaches and coves to choose from, surf shops on every corner, bright blue skies and crystal sea. The food was incredible and if you ever visit Lagos you must go to Nah Nah Bah, !!!! Best burger joint I've ever visited. You are spoilt for choice with beaches, every single one is beautiful and it's so hard to make a decision about what one you'd like to visit. Some beaches are better for snorkeling, some are better for water sports, some better for surfing, and some are brilliant for just sunbathing, swimming and relaxing. Most beaches had little food and cocktail shacks that sold Pina Coladas and Acai Bowls and everything tropical and delicious. 

We stayed in Quinta das Achadas, which again was so beautiful. The hosts Jill & Julio were friendly and helpful and you'd wake up to bacon & eggs every morning which was much appreciated! It was almost in the middle of nowhere, one morning I thought.. ya know what, I'm gonna go for a run this morning! Well, I got barked at by a million guard dogs and thought they were gonna run after and chased by some cows. Safe to say my relaxing morning run didn't go to plan - but the views were pretty! 

On every street corner there were palm trees and white washed buildings and dappled shadows from the trees and pastel coloured houses and bright fuschia flowers everywhere and it was a dream and everything I love taking pictures of... I took so many photos on my 35mm camera and I can't wait to get the film processed and see the photos!! Anyway, they say a picture speaks a 1,000 words and I've got a million photos for you to look at, so I'll let you build up your own idea instead.. Enjoy, and if you've been to Portugal before let me know your favourite places!!

A, x

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