She remembered who she was and the game changed

- Lalah Deliah

The past couple weeks have been pretty hectic and crazy. Filled with interviews and meetings and opportunities and possibilities and I don't really have any idea what's happening. After a couple of weeks, I'm slowly starting to feel better and excited for what could happen... I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine and being able to sort everything out and focus on future ambitions, ideas, and goals - I like knowing what my plans are for the week with commitments etc and then being able to schedule workouts, blog posts, to do lists, seeing my friends and chilling out.

A couple of weeks ago I had a pretty weird and crappy start to the day and felt so fed up with everything that I came home and very spontaneously decided to completely change my room around and I love how it looks so much now. Sometimes a little change is all you need to boost your motivation and switch your mind frame. I've always been someone who enjoys changing my room around and my routines to give me a little more mojo as I just felt so bored with everything and so blah, but I'm loving how it looks nice - so much bigger, and space above my desk for inspiration pictures & to do lists. I feel more productive! Waking up next to natural sunlight is good too, a good way to start your day.

Also, I am COMPLETELY obsessed with the book WE, by Gillian Anderson & Jennifer Nadal. It is just so incredible. I had a couple weeks where I was feeling really bad; my anxiety was terrible, as was feeling down. And my mum recommended I start reading this book - it has completely changed my thought process on so many things, my life, the way I look at things, the way I treat myself, talk to myself, act towards myself etc... I've found it so helpful with finding 'me' again and starting that journey to be the real and confident girl I am, I couldn't recommend it enough. WOO GIRL POWER

John Buckley - Festival