the big bday surprise weekend for bae

The past weekend was such a lovely getaway for Billy's birthday. For his present, I arranged with his friends that we would go up to Edinburgh and visit them for the weekend as a surprise. He had no idea and it was the hardest secret to keep ever as I'm a terrible liar and I was so relieved when I was finally able to tell him!

Our diets consisted of burgers, bacon, beer, wine and tequila shots (healthy) and on the Sunday both Billy and I were so hungover that I thought we were gonna die, but, it was such a fun weekend I didn't want it to end!  For some reason, Edinburgh, and Scotland itself were never places that I wanted to visit. Nothing about it appealed to me - perhaps it was because of the weather. I struggle with the weather in England let alone going further up north... would I seriously want to go somewhere colder?! But Edinburgh was beautiful. It was like walking through the set of Harry Potter and there were quaint little pubs on the sides of every street with hanging baskets filled with vibrant colourful flowers and pop up bars and little cute little shops and coffee bars and GLUTEN FREE BAKERIES YOU GUYS !! oh my gosh I was in heaven, the first bite of my gluten free cookie sandwich was l.i.f.e. omg so so good. I tried haggis which was disgusting and I tried a deep fried mars bar which was amazing.

Our flight to Edinburgh was delayed by an hour so we ended up in a pub to pass the time, and once we landed in Edinburgh we had to wait a little whilst Ross drove from Dundee to come and collect us, so whilst we were waiting, we went to the pub where I saw they served 'haggis neeps and tatties' (that translates to haggis, mash and turnips) I knew we were in Scotland haha. Friday night after driving back up to Dundee to Sophie & Ross' house, we hung out, watched the boys play Fifa and Sophie cooked fajitas which were sooo good. On Saturday morning we drove back up to Edinburgh and we embarked on .... a pub crawl (Can you see a theme coming along here) This started at 12 pm and if you're someone like me who needs about 3 drinks to feel a tipsy then I'm pretty sure you would s.t.r.u.g.g.l.e like I did. We spent a while exploring and found the hotel that J.K.Rowling used to stay in which was sooo pretty!! I officially felt like I was in Scotland when I walked into the lobby and all the men were wearing kilts. For the Saturday evening, Ross had booked us all tickets for a DJ event which was really fun. We played beer pong, drank cocktails, had the nicest burgers ever, made friends with kebab shop owners, tried a deep fried mars bar (omg so good) and went on an hour long walk home to realise we were walking in the complete wrong direction (Thanks Ross ;)).

Ross & Sophie hired out a lovely apartment in the heart of Edinburgh which we all stayed in on the Saturday night which was fun, and once we woke up Sunday and checked out we headed out for brunch. The guys then left to head back to Dundee and me and Billy were left to explore Edinburgh. I had booked us this AMAZING airbnb which was perfect; so cosy and comfortable and homely, and then we went into town, explored, drank coffee and went out for the nicest dinner to celebrate Billy's birthday. You know when sometimes you go out for dinner and you don't stop talking and laughing? Well, that happened and it was just a great end to the weekend. Usually, when we get our food we're dead quiet because we're so hungry but this time Billy was making me laugh so hard I almost choked on my burger hahaha.

Anyway, I feel like this is probably going to make me sound like an alcoholic which I'm really not I swear (I'll just blame it on birthday celebrations) but it was a great weekend and I wish we had longer there to explore! Arthurs Seat is something I'd definitely like to visit and there were sooo many restaurants that I would've liked to have checked out. Until next time Edinburgh!

A, x