2017 the year of the “go for it”. There’s nothing to lose, everything to gain.

My thoughts, my motto, my headspace. This year really has been the year of "go for it", and although it was so god damn scary, I'm so happy I pushed and pushed and pushed myself. Got nothing but good vibes and memories from this year.

Recently I've been finding things a little harder than usual. I'm so ready and eager to work in the creative industry and get an amazing job with a creative agency, a photographer, or a magazine but getting recognised is so so hard. I've applied for countless jobs and only received rejections which sucks but trying to keep positive and know that it will happen eventually. I keep trying to remind myself to just go for it, do whatever feels right and keep positive. It's tough, and I knew it would be, but sometimes my passion gets too much and it's hard to think things rationally as I just want it to happen now. 

So many options, so many ideas and countless burning desires that I don't know where to start. All I know, is that I want to live a life full of creativity, and just get paid to do something I truly love, travel and capture moments through photography. It will come, I know it will, but for know it's back to the daily grind to make things happen. A week of self loving and time to really think and figure out what I'd like to do. Create plans, work on ideas and manifest the dream.

A couple weeks and I'm off to Portugal and I can't wait to escape the dreary England weather and bathe in the Portuguese sunlight and the ocean.

A, x

LIGHTS - Same Sea