New York .1

The Highline, MoMA, The Met, Central Park, museum walk,

I had the most incredible time ever in New York, and I'm missing it so so much already. It was a short but sweet adventure, 3 nights & 3 days, but I did almost everything I wanted too and can't wait to go back next time !! The weather was so hot and almost unbearable but I was way too excited to be out there and I swear it made all my dreams come true ! I FINALLY got to see a Rauchenberg exhibition and went to The Met and sat in Central Park and sunbathed and ate lunch and drank a juice that had way to much ginger in it and lived of Shake Shack burgers and it was perfect and I just had the best time ever and now all I wanna do is move out there and work for a cool little magazine or design photography agency and live the dream. It was the perfect ending to my American trip and I'm so desperate to get back out there, hopefully next time I can spend longer in NY and explore other parts of the country. Anyway here's part 1 of my time in The City!

A, x

Fifth Harmony - Down