New York .2

Times Square,  Coney Island, Wall Street, Staten Island, Statue of Liberty, World Trade Centre, 9/11

Escaping the city and heading to the beach where the 100 degree heat and humidity was made just a little more bearable... I've never felt sea so warm and experienced America like I did that day in Coney Island (I swear if you're in New York you've gotta take the trip down to Coney Island and experience everything there.. It's weird and it's wonderful) Times Square was a dream, the atmosphere, the colours, the noise, everything just made it feel like I was in a film, it felt so surreal! the Trade Centre was beautiful and touching and I ate the best vegetarian burger ever at this cool little urban gluten free restaurant I dragged Scott too. Feeling so happy and so grateful for everything. Missing the hostel and the heat and my friends.

A, x