Better Choices

When you’re filled with self love you make better choices.

— MR


The past month has been so good, every day is getting better and I've still been making a conscious effort to continue self love. I've been working on making changes in order to see a difference - it's funny how once you start to put all those things into practise, everything starts to shift and merge into place. 

The dark nights have surprisingly been a blessing, and more enjoyable than I usually find them to be and I feel like all the things I wanted to do have been slowly coming together. The Christmas holidays has been so lovely and filled with so many fun day trips and dates. I decided to move back home and it's been soooo good to sit in the front room watching christmas movies with my family and boyfriend; working on my blog, relaxing and being a bum (which is totally deserved !!)

My favourite thing ever is planning Christmas presents and going out to cute little shops and buying little presents and cards and then watching the Holiday with my mum next to the tree and drinking hot chocolate and wrapping presents. I met up with my friends and went to some really cool art galleries, spent christmas with my family and boxing day with my boyfriend and it was just perfect. New Years eve was amaaaaazing and I'm so excited to see what this year has in store for me !!!  Everything is great and I feel like I'm filled with so much love and positivity at the moment.

A, x