Niagara Falls

Roadtrippin' to Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls is the most wonderful and beautiful place I think I've ever visited. When I was a lot younger and in Pittsburgh, I visited Niagara with my mum, dad and my grandad pops. But I was so young I don't really remember anything. I've always had a picture in my room of me, my mum my grandad standing right in front of the waterfall and I've always wanted to go back and see it again. I feel like you kinda have an idea in your head of how you imagine it to look before you visit there, but once you arrive and start walking through the park over to The Falls it is SO much better then you can ever imagine, it is completely breathtaking and so beautiful.

We went on a 5 hour roadtrip all the way from Pittsburgh up to Buffalo, driving down empty roads, past Lake Eerie, stopping off at gas stations for snacks and driving through mountains before we finally arrived. After spending a while on the American side of The Falls, we crossed the border over to the Canadian side where we saw a rainbow going straight across The Falls which was soooo pretty.

ALSO me being me, I managed to I loose a huge amount of my photos from both Niagara Falls and Pittsburgh which WAS SO ANNOYING but luckily I had some images saved to VSCO, and my mum had a view - they're not as good quality as usual buuuut least I've got a couple I can use