The Lake House

Roadtrip to Damascus, PA

My time at the lake house was a dream. The weather was beautiful, as were the views, and the people I went with were the best - always laughing and doing something fun, it was completely relaxing and everything that I needed and wanted. To start our journey off me, Scott & Cindy travelled 8 hours in the car from Pittsburgh PA, all the way to Cindy's sisters house in Damascus/Callicoon. The side of the river that the lake house was on was the Pennsylvania side, and the side that you looked over too was in New York; a beautiful little old town called Callicoon. 

Callicoon, for starters, is everything you expect when you think of America. Old fashioned cinemas, an old wooden train station with open railway tracks, small little antique shops, vintage stores, a few restaurants, a couple bars and one grocery store and houses that look like they belong in a Wes Anderson film. There wasn't much, but with the beautiful lake you don't really need anything else. I spent my days reading, sunbathing, exploring the near by town, adventuring to a trout festival (don't ask!!!), cooking dinner with everybody and FINALLY TRYING S'MORES. We watched ice hockey games, sat on the porch late at night chatting and planning for our next adventure in New York which I am crazy crazy excited about !!

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