Some nights I wish I could go back in life. Not to change shit, just to feel a couple things twice.

— 6pm in New York- Drake


February and March have been 2 amazing months, I had the best birthday a girl could wish for - filled with my closest friends and family and found out that Billy booked for us to go to Rome for our anniversary which I'm BUZZZZZING about !!! The next couple months are gonna be so good and I could not be more excited - Spain, Rome and America! And just over 1 month left at uni. It's very hectic at the moment, but it's good and it's fun and I visited the Tillmans' exhibition at the Tate the other day which was so good, feel like I got so many ideas for my degree show. I've still got so much work to do and so many more pictures to take but it's slowly coming together and am getting so eager to see how it turns out...

A, x

The Chainsmokers - Paris