In Other Words

وهنا في الحياة، والحب، والإيمان فإنه يأخذ من خلال الحصول على كل شيء. عش جيدا.

In other words:

Here’s to life, love, and the faith it takes to get through it all. Live well.


It's been a couple weeks of intense growth and intense self loving. I started to realise that I was not as happy as I wanted to be, and nothing was going to chance unless I made it change. So it's been different, but it's been good. 

Surrounding myself with positive inspiring people and letting go of the negative ones, allowing myself to breathe and relax and do what I truly wanted and needed. There's been a lot of coffee shops and gym sessions and scented candles and nights out with my best people and long baths and nights in reading or writing or watching TV and dinner dates and meditating and last minute cinema trips and days spent with my boyfriend and long beach walks with my mum and a new job. But most importantly, there's been a lot of listening to my body - no more neglecting, just doing & eating whatever it needs. 

A whole lotta soul loving and a whole lotta love giving.

It's funny, usual winter is my least favourite time of the year and I dread it so much; usually I don't feel too good and I hate the dark nights and the grim weather and there being no sun, but this year I feel like the last two weeks really have been some of the best times of this year. I feel so at peace and calm and content. This year has been so tough, but turning it round was one of the best decisions I made.

A, x

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