Sometimes the only things you need are coffee, your loved one, and a deep conversation.

— dud-y


And isn't this quote so true. Sometimes, when everything gets a bit overwhelming and you feel like everything is on top of you, you freak out. Sometimes you push problems aside and keep going and suddenly all you need is a big cry, some fresh air, chats with your friends and family and coffee shop talks with your boyfriend. Simple things that make so much difference and make you feel so much happier and calmer. 

And what I've realised recently is that it's ok to feel like that! It's ok to not be ok, it's ok to have bad days and to cry and it's so important to reach out to people, no matter how scary it is, because most people care, and if they don't care then they aren't your friends. As hard as it is, talking to your loved ones can deepen your connection with them. It can make your relationships stronger, and to be honest I'm pretty sure all they want for you is to be happy and help you through the hard stage. This past week has really made me realise that I have more people who care for me than I thought, and how grateful I am to have these people in my life.

I feel like I'm in an exciting scary part of my life at the moment. I feel a bit overwhelmed, a bit scared, excited, and nervous. The uni workload is getting bigger and more stressful. The realisation that we graduate in 8 months is starting to creep in... but it's going well and I'm in an exciting stage where everything is slowly coming together and I have lots of cool ideas which will hopefully have great outcomes. I've just got a new job, I'm starting to make some money through doing what I love annnd I'm going to Valencia on Sunday! 

Sometimes you've just gotta look at your life from an outsiders perspective and realise that, no matter how stressed or worried you feel, you're good, everything's good, and you have everything you need.

A, x 

James Hersey - Miss You

/ Cheat Codes - Let Me Hold You