The Lusty Adventurer

Summer does something to the brain. It’s intoxicating. Everything shimmers.

— Elin Hilderbrand


Heyyyy!! Huge apologise for the mini break I took - it was unplanned but I really needed it and I'm back now WOO. I thought, as I only have a couple months left that I should do a little recap of my summer so far. It didn’t go the way I had planned it at all, to be honest it turned out COMPLETELY different to how I had originally pictured it in my mind at the beginning of the year, all the plans and thoughts I had in mind didn’t work out. But at the end of the day, does it really matter? It’s still been so great, I’ve made so many lovely memories and I still have 6 weeks left… Plenty of time for beach days and holidays and nights out and cinema trips. 

Even though I do believe that it’s so important to have ideas and goals and plans to work towards, sometimes life happens and things don’t work out the way you wanted them too and other things happen instead. I think because of that, I put a little too much pressure on my expectations for this summer, but the more chilled and spontaneous I've been, the better it's turned out. It's been a great summer so far, and lets the hope the rest is just as good. 

So, here’s to the rest of my summer being filled with endless beach days, spontaneous nights out with my best friends, trips to the South of France, lots of laughter and happiness and love, last minute holidays, days spent in the sea practising surfing, trips to London, sunset runs, gallery visits, all nighters, beach fireworks.

So here's some pictures of my summer so far, I have 6 weeks left until I start my final year of uni AHHHHhhHHhH so I’m gonna make every moment count.

A, x

Hailed Steinfeld & Grey - Starving

ft. Zedd // Austin Basham - All Is Well