Interning at Paul Smith for two weeks in March was the best most fab couple of weeks ever. I met some really really lovely and amazing people, got to be back in London, stay at my grandad's and hang out with him every night, be surrounded by like minded arty cool people,  make new friends and was able to get really involved in the design and pattern side of the company which was GREAT. It couldn't have gone better, I learnt so many things that will help me with my career and I feel so happy and grateful that I was given the opportunity to intern for them. 

I took the majority of my pictures on my analogue Nikon camera, had a bit of a nightmare with getting the pics processed as the camera decided to stop working and the film got stuck, and I also somehow managed to use the same film twice by accident lol .... So at least 2 rolls of film didn't come out and one did come out but has double exposure - so pictures of a festival I went to a couple years back are on there too (i'm hopeless !!)... But anyyyyyywaaaay I got some really cool shots that I'm happy with, and hopefully I can go back and intern for longer once I've got my degree!

A, x 

Alessia Cara // Wild Things

Tame Impala // Let It Happen