It's been a tough couple of weeks/months - but things are definitely on the up. Being open and honest is so important, and I'm on a mission with practising self love and forgiveness and being trusting and having freedom and living in the moment and listening to my body. It's hard but I have so much faith and belief now and I feel like I'm really finding myself and getting back to the real me as silly as that sounds. WOO 

Falling in love, whether it be with yourself or other people is hard, so hard. But it's so worth it - and fighting for the best outcome is worth it. The last week has been so much better, I've been so focused on making things good and I've gotten a great balance with everything - I've been super productive and been working out a lot more, practising more yoga, spending more time with my friends, reading and writing my journal, focusing on uni work, having fun dates with ma boyffff, taking more pictures, listening to my body and sleeping SO DAMN MUCH.

One more deadline left at uni and then my summer is right around the corner. HAALLLLLLELUJAHHHHH !! Holiday and summer planning is happening and I'm super excited. 

Currently sitting snuggled up on the sofa with my best friend watching The Last Song drinking tea, getting uni work done. The sun is shining, the weather is warm, I went to yoga this morning and on a super long walk. A perfect day. appy appy

A, x

Rebel ft. Sophie Simmons //  Kiss Me

Big Wild // Aftergold