Soooooo hi there totally neglected blog... After getting back from the US my life was on full pace everything go absolutely crazy no time to sleep or do anything mode - every aspect of my life got hectic and then it was my birthday and I had a week of celebrations and probably went out way too much and then I got really sick,  probably from not getting the rest I needed and being on the go to much 

(but hey, you're only 21 once right?!)

 I'm finally on the mend which is good and I've felt so much better today - it was really nice being able to do absolutely nothing but lay in bed and sleep and watch Netflix, but now I'm ready to start doing things and that starts tomorrow as 

I'm starting my internship for Paul Smith (!!!!!) so excited/nervous/worried/happy/scared. 

 Today has been such a lovely day - the weather was so warm and I sat outside eating grapefruit in a baggy t-shirt, reading my book with the warm sun on my face - felt like summer. And it's been so nice to find an hour to just sit on my bed with music on in comfy clothes and get this blog post done, my rooms all clean and warm and smells like fresh flowers and I've got good music on and I can see the sun setting out of my window - happy happy. Super excited for the rest of this week and for tomorrow, and for finally feeling like a human being. 



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