I came across a quote the other day about freedom and forgiveness, and how it's so important to forgive in order to be free

and then I started thinking and then realised that I totally suck at forgiveness - not with other people but just with myself. I forgive others in an instant, but when it comes to myself I beat myself up soooooo bad about the smallest things - like making a tiny mistake or not saying something when I really wanted too, about what other think of me or eating too much chocolate (!) or worrying too much about things that don't need to be worried about. I get so caught up in this web of worries that I've created inside of my head that are made 10x worse by caring - caring about things that really don't need to be thought about or even worried about.

I realised that it is so important to free yourself from opinions and thoughts and ideas that we make up in our head and just allow ourselves to just be without constant pressure - not setting these rules and ideas of how our days should be and how we should be, but just go with the flow and just see what happens. I've really been trying to practise this a little more over the last couple of weeks as I think we can be so tough on ourselves and not realise most of the time.

I just wanna be a super chill, free and content gal not worrying about petty stuff. This last week has been so great, I feel so happy at the moment - you know when you just feel calm and content?? The best feeling. Also feeling super sleepy atm as this London life is very tiring !!

I started my internship at Paul Smith and I'm having the beesssssst time. I was so nervous to do it but I'm so happy I did. Everyone is so lovely and I've learnt so many things that will help me with whatever I decide to do in my life and it's been so nice to be back in London. I've got a really good next few weeks planned, so excited to have 2 weeks off from uni and get loads of work done and HOPEFULLY the weather will be nice and I can get down the beach

.Once the holidays are over the countdown to summer starts... Where is this year going?!

A, x

Tame Impala // Let It Happen

The 1975 // Somebody Else