You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want. 

- S.E. Hinton


Does anyone ever start freaking out about all the things they wanna do and all the things they wanna achieve and all the places they wanna visit and worry that they're running out of time to do it??? (Which is really silly because I'm only 20 but the feelings I get are so real) And like they're not getting to do these things quick enough and not working hard enough even though you know you are working hard... ?

Like you have all these crazy ideas and plans for your life but you have no idea where to start and no idea how it's gonna happen and work out but it's all you think about and it's the only way you can imagine your life. There's so many things I want to do but I just have no idea where to start to make them happen but it's all I want. I feel like I should've accomplished so many more things already and visited more places and omg it's kinda a good feeling but kinda a bad feeling. Sometimes I can't go to sleep because I feel so excited and just want everything to happen now, and then sometimes I feel really calm and like everything is slowly coming together. I really really want this year to be the year that my 'dreams' start coming together and start happening. 

I feel like quite a lot has happened in the last week, for starters I GOT A TATTOO !!!!!! It was the most spontaneous afternoon EVER but I've wanted this tattoo for the last 3 years and I finally got it; it's tiny, but I really love it. I've also just booked in to a really nice, well known gallery in Margate with a couple of my friends for our first ever exhibition in April which is SO exciting! I can't wait for the private viewing and to get the whole place set up - it's gonna be so good. Everything really is, slowly, but surely, coming together but I just want everything to happen now hahaha. I have 10 weeks left at uni until deadlines and then summer starts. I couldn't be more excited, I'm so ready to see what this year has in line for me 

A, x

Post Malone - White Iverson

 Foxes - Shoot Me Down