Just a thought, perhaps this is a true? I believe it is, I've been thinking about this quote for a quite a while now, something that's stuck with me. I think I'm one of those girls who focuses a liiiittle too much on love; I love romantic films, love stories in books, love in pictures etc. They capture me and inspire me - and I guess I was wanting that in my own life even though it didn't feel right. Buuuuut the last couple of years have been so good and I've felt so happy on my own. Got myself to suuuuuch a good place and and I feel back at that now. 

This year, my 'goal/aim/new years resolution/plan' is to focus completely on me and on all the things I want to achieve. I reeaaaaaaaaally wanna make sure I visit all the places I want to go to this year with no set backs and no one holding me back. Building friendships, making memories, really finding myself and becoming the girl I've always wanted to be. Meeting people whilst travelling, networking and just getting things going. It's funny how things work out :)

It's such an exciting thought that all this can happen in one year. Today has been such a lovely day, and this last week has been so good for inspiration and meeting like-minded people. I've spent the last week planning and sorting through things. Tying loose ends, planning blog posts, sorting out places I want to visit, seeing friends, visiting trade shows, and just planning the year - big things and little things, like the books I want to read, movies I'd like to watch, things I want to achieve, places I want to travel to this summer, coming up with ideas I can do for uni projects, and internships I wanna do etc. What are your plans and goals for the year?? 

EEeeeeeeeeEeekK I'm soooOOoOo excited. 

(P.S totally obsessed with this song)

A, x 

99 Souls - The Girl is Mine