I'm not really one to make 'New Years Resolutions' as such, but something I do ALL the time is make vision boards and goals for myself. I make little goals daily and then bigger goals for the year. I think for last year I did 9/10 of my goals which was the best feeling, and I thought that if I did this post and put it out into The Universe it might make me stick to them a little more, and help with manifesting them and making them happen. My main main goal for this year is just travel as much as possible, to take whatever opportunities come my way and to find confidence and happiness within myself.

Okayyyyy, sooooo number 1,

1. I want to travel Europe. I don't care where I go, I just want to travel more. Amsterdam, Spain, France, Italy, Greece. I'd love to visit each place. This summer will be filled with travelling, and plane rides, trains, meeting people and an intense amount of photo taking and video making. I'm thinking of inter railing around Greece and Italy this summer and visiting Amsterdam and Ibiza with my best friend!

2. I also want to travel back out to America. Use my granddads place as a hub, and visit New York for a couple nights. EEK I'M SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER. Maybe Miami and North Carolina too??

3. I FINALLY want to get my tattoo. I meant to get it in 2015, but I ended up running out of time and money. But I'm desperate to get it done this year!

4. I really want to focus on getting strong, not skinny. And finally being confident and happy with my body. This is a really big issue for me and something that I've struggled with for a long time. It would be sooo amazing if I could finally conquer it this year and have a good relationship with food, and exercise. Feel confident in the summer and workout because of how it makes me feel - not because I feel 'fat' or hate myself. Finding inner peace, confidence and happiness and focusing on listening to my body and soul is a super important thing for me.

5. I want to focus more on my blog and my other 'career' goals. Get into contact with companies to shoot, do more internships, make contacts with people that can help me with my bikini company, and work with more companies on my blog. I'd love to eventually work with Hollister and Nike! Two of my favourite companies/shops ever.

6. And lastly, I want to be more in the moment. Go out more and not worry about not getting enough sleep, you know? Get off my phone, meet more people, make more memories and just have fun. Make the most of being with my friends and being back by the beach and having no responsibilities and just having fun. Sometimes I'm a proper old lady and would rather chill in and watch Netflix but those days are over (she says) !!!!

Deadlines are OVER t.h.a.n.k god and I found out I did reaallyyyy well in my studio work - I'm so so happy with my mark!! Our new project briefs were released today and I feel ready to get back into a routine and back into that art and university mindset. I definitely needed that long break!!!!

What's on your list for 2016?! Let me know!

A, x 

Selena Gomez - Hands To Myself

Arches - New Love