The hardest, most challenging, most beautiful and amazing year. This year has definitely had 2 parts. A hard part and then a really amazing part. I feel like this year has taught me so much - I'm so much stronger than I ever thought and I have accomplished so many things that I never would have imagined I could have done 2 years back. Met so many beautiful souls who make my life worth living and have got so many lovely memories. I ticked so many things off my bucket list - I got to do more travelling, lived in London, interned, got jobs I really wanted, re connected with my best friend, learnt to surf and had the best summer ever. 

2016, I hope you're even better and filled with more adventures, travelling and endless amounts of happy memories. I'm excited to meet yaaaaaaa and see what's in store.

A, x

Pia Mia - Touch

Dua Lipa - Be The One