We wake up everyday craving a new adventure, but sometimes we forget that just being alive is already one. We forget that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, what could be more of an adventure than that? Living through this lifetime means experiencing things like sadness, disappointment, and loss. But it also means experiencing things like love, joy, and happiness. It’s so easy to get caught up in jealousy, hate, and lust. But just keep reminding yourself you’re more than your body or your emotions, you’re a soul. Keep putting out good energy, and watch how the universe responds to you. I’m not perfect, and I make mistakes, but I’m thankful that God always guides me to live this lifetime with love. Love is the answer. Love yourself. Love the people God gave you. And love the life you’ve been blessed with because this life is magic, it really really is. 


I feel like this quote is just so true and so right. I feel like the last few months I've really been focusing on living, not just existing but living. Figuring stuff out, making plans, big life plans and little ones and I guess I haven't been taking as many pictures, hence the lack of posts, but I've just been really focusing more on the moments and the way they make me feel, all the feelings, the good ones and the shit ones. And surrounding myself with good people who I love and who make me happy. Concentrating on that inner happiness. It's been good to have time off from uni, spending it with the best people and finally having time to focus on other important stuff, I have loads of really cool ideas for projects which I'm really excited to try and start! Soooo excited for 2016 and the summer and to be able to go in the sea and live in bikinis, ahhhhhhhh.

The last few months have been so good, ending this year in the best possible way. 

Couldn't be happier :)

A, x

Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better

Sigala - Sweet Lovin'