Ways to increase your happiness

There has been so many times this year when I've felt soooooo down. I had absolutely no motivation to do anything, everything was a struggle, I didn't wanna speak to my friends, and all I wanted to do was lay in bed, with the blinds down and watch netflix all day. Now that's ok to do every now and then, but when you feel like that every day for a long time you know something is wrong! 

Here's some of the things that help cheer me up when I'm having a bad day. Things then help me feel happier, inspired and grateful. 

Try and do something that will spark that passion inside of you however deep down it may feel. I know it's hard and it can feel like you're battling with yourself, but it will help make you remember who you are, why you are here and the dreams you are chasing. Give yourself time to heal, be kind to yourself, but make sure you help yourself in both ways.

1. Write in a journal - this helps me so much, I try and write every day whether it be a full 3 pages of every single thing I feel or a line of my thoughts, a favourite quote or a list of things I need to get down. Theres something really refreshing and therapeutic about writing your feelings down on paper, whether they're happy or sad or even a mixture. Seeing it on paper makes you rationalise it better and puts things into perspective. It's also a really nice thing to read back on in a few years.

2. Go for a walk - throw a hoodie on, turn your phone off, put your favourite music on and just walk. Have no time limit, just go wherever your feet take you and walk until you want to. Sit on the beach or in a park, listen to the birds or waves, feel the sun on your face. Take 5 to just feel, count your blessings and be grateful for the moment.

3. Do something that will make your body feel good. Release some endorphins. I know this is probably the last thing you want to do, but it really does help. Perhaps you could run round the block, or do a quick workout video (blogilates or Toneitup are really really good)

4. Throw yourself into something you absolutely 100% love doing - 

 whether it be painting, writing, baking, reading, playing an instrument or playing with your dog. Having a full 30 minutes of being fully focused on doing something you love with no distractions can make you feel so much better. For me I love either taking pictures, reading, drawing, making a sketchbook or playing the piano. 

5. Cry - if you need to cry, just let yourself. Theres nothing wrong and no need to be embarrassed about crying and most of the time you'll feel so much better afterwards. You don't always need a reason to cry - happy tears or sad tears, they're all normal :) 

6. Do yoga, concentrate on the way all the poses make your body feel, your mind and body will feel so refreshed after. 

7. Have a reaaaaaaaallyyyyyyy long hot bubble bath and just lay in there forever. Let the hot water soak all your worries away and listen to your favourite music that makes you feel so happy. Sing your heart out. Then get out of the bath, cover yourself in a nice smelling moisturiser, paint your nails, put your fav underwear on and wear your favourite jumper. Spritz yourself with a lovely smelling perfume and let yourself feel pretty for the day.

8. Let yourself have no responsibilities for the afternoon. Bake some healthy treats, watch your favourite movie or TV show, lay on the couch and just breathe, call your best friend, dance in your favourite underwear. Do whatever makes you feel good. 

9. If you still feel really sad, then surround yourself with your favourite people. People can have such a huge impact on our lives and feelings. If they aren't making you feel good, then leave them. Life's to short to be surrounded by crappy friends who don't make you feel loved and good. Be with people who make your tummy hurt from laughing to much, who you can totally 100% be yourself in front of.

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