''The body achieves what the mind believes''

After a week of being home and lots of long chats and cries and cuddles with my mum and going out for runs and meeting old friends and reading and writing in my journal and spending time with my sister and best friend and watching the sunset and going out at night and sleeping I really am starting to feel a lot happier, better, and so much more inspired - it's the best feeling getting into bed and feeling so excited for the following day. The last few weeks haven't been too great, a lot of ups and downs, and I think that I have just pushed myself a little too much recently in things that really weren't worth it and weren't making me happy at all. But after doing things that are good for the soul and make me feel good, I now feel like my old self and sooooooo happy, it's so nice!

I've really been trying to focus my energy on being positive like I ALWAYS used to be !!! Exercising and eating less, I've been putting more time into my blog which I love, trying to spend less time on my phone and more time reading, I've been laying out in the garden, spending time down the beach, having phone calls with my friends, chasing the sunset, watching films, having water fights, learning to surf, laying in the warm sea, laying out at the beach, late night cinema trips and just doing summery things that are fun and contain no stress what so ever. Making memories with the most important people.

I had to postpone a summer internship that was/is one of my biggest dreams, but I so am happy that I did that. It was definitely the right thing, I've been told I can do it another time which is such good news. D

on't force yourself to do something that you really don't want to do or doesn't feel right, if you have that feeling and it's making you feel stressed or unwell or unhappy it really isn't worth it - The Universe has a way of making everything work out, just trust it.

 I'm so so excited for the next few years and what they have in store - concentrating on 

doing what feels good for me, making good choices and filling my days with positivity and good vibes.

 I have so many amazing things coming up, I just feel so so happy now and it's the bestest feeling ever. The weather has been so amazing today, its 9:14pm and I'm sitting on the grass in the garden in a baggy t-shirt - it's so hot with such a nice warm breeze and I'm writing this, listening to Vance Joy and planning the next couple of days :)

Happy hump day,

A, x 

Listening tooooooo; 

Walk Off The Earth -  Rule The World / Vance Joy -  Mess is Mine