The Rush for Summer

Helloooo long time no speak/blog etc I'm SOOO sorry for the huge gap in posts, I've been really busy with life and working and I finally finished my first year of university!! YAaaay. My first year was filled with so many special moments and memories. I got to go to Paris and make films. I took pictures and made best friends and made fake friends and had so many incredible times and so many bad times, there were so many times where I thought this is it, I'm moving back home, and then there was so many times where I was more determined then ever to make things happen for myself. I had sooooo many great nights out in London and so many fun nights in with my girlfriends just talking and laughing and dancing. I really will look back on this year with a full heart and a massive smile. I've made friends for life and we're going to have such a lovely summer together!

These last few weeks I've just been taking it easy. I spent my first week of freedom at home by the beach which was LOVELY. I was able to spend afternoons at the beach, go out for beach runs, eat breakfast in the garden, bake, go to early morning yoga practise, fall asleep with the windows open, wake up early to watch the sunrise, sun bathe and have spontaneous nights out with my friends. 

No stressing, no deadlines, no rushing, just enjoying and doing the things that I love the most. I then went back up to London and have just been working sooooo much, it's been pretty tiring but it'll be worth it on pay day! I was also so incredibly lucky to be given the opportunity to perform on stage with Take That at the O2 for a few nights. Performing in front of 20,000 people was the most insane feeling ever and I had the best best time!

Anywayyyy, I'll leave you with a collection of images from the last few weeks.


A, x 

P.S - I also had the biggest nightmare weekend and my phone fell out of pocket and completely smashed to the point where it was DEAD (the day after I slipped, fell and smashed the bottom of my camera and seriously injured my arm/elbow - life was really on my side !!) so I had to get a new phone and voila I have the iPhone 6 and it's sooooo prettttty and the camera is sooooo goooood. All these pictures have been taken on ma iPhone!

Listening toooooooo; Fall Out Boy - Uma Thurman / Take That -Portrait / Paperwhite -Take Me Back