now LIVE; new blog

YAAAAAY welcome to my new blog!!! 

I'm so happy that it is now LIVE!! I've been working hard on making it look all pretty and getting some posts scheduled after having a long and much needed break from everything. I'm so happy with how it looks!! Thanks so much to pipdig for this layout - they have so many cool ones and they've been so helpful and lovely! Hope you love it just as much as I do, and if you want to keep up to date with posts and my life you can follow me on Instagram as I post a lot on there (personal & blog) and Facebook! Theres also a link in my sidebar to follow me on bloglovin! Here's some pictures of the sunset I captured last night, so so magical I LOVE SUNSETS. 

A, x 

Listening tooooooo; Kid Wave - Wonderlust / And the song 'Best Friend' but I can't find a video for it?! It's on spotify!