New Beginnings

"I like to busy doing nothing, to start a hundred things and finish none, to come and go as the wind takes me, to change my plans at every moment, to follow each twist and turn of life, to dig up a rock to see what is underneath it."

- A Jean-Jacques Rousseau quote

I thought I should write this quote down, it seemed like a good way to start this post. I think it sums me up, I love to do things that feel right, I love to be busy all the time, I start a lot of projects but often struggle finishing things off. Perhaps it's because it means something will come to an end and that is something that I guess I've always struggled with. I don't like to see things finish, whether it be a film, a really special moment, a concert, a year, a relationship, an experience... One thing I do like to see finish though is a project that I did not enjoy! But, with every ending comes a fresh start. And fresh starts are something that I love, a time to re-focus, to re-gain positive energy and to make things happen. As one door closes another one opens ... And how true that may be ...

A, x