Long awaited

HI HI HI everyone sorry for not posting in AGES I feel like I've been super busy recently but looking back I'm not entirely sure what I've been doing ???!? Uni has now finished for the term, I'm back home for the easter break & it's so refreshing being back by the beach and being able to sleep in and wake up to sunshine and birds singing and going for long walks and go on tumblr and exercise and read and watch films (like One Direction film and cry lots coz Zayns left :'() I've recently started making smoothie bowls for breakfast which are sooo nice. I have a new obsession with them! How yummy do they look!? I also just got a job at Liberty (yaaaay!) which I'm so so so happy about!! I'm so excited to work there and to finally have a bit of money. So yeah I guess things are starting to go really well. 

I had such a lovely morning the other day where I went for a lovely long walk and it was warm & sunny, and I just sat on an empty beach for half an hour and just breathed and listened to my favourite songs. I felt so happy :) 

A, x 

Listening tooooo; Omarion ft. Chris Brown - Post To Be
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