Inspiration of the week - Amber Mozo

A few weeks ago when I went home and ended up staying for a week, I felt really stuck and confused with life and what I wanted to do. I didn't feel very happy and just wasn't sure how to make all the plans I have in my head happen. 

Anyway, I was on  tumblr (a place I get so much inspiration) and came across someone called Amber Mozo. Her tumblr was amazing, first of all I came across something she wrote about a boy she fell in love with that completely broke my heart and made me cry (!!) and then I came across some of her work that she had posted - her whole blog made me feel so happy and made me realise that my passion is photography and that I miss shooting so so much. I miss being by the beach and taking pictures and being surrounded by those sort of people. At art college I used to shoot at least once a week and here in London I think I've picked my camera up like 3 times. I miss that feeling of when you finally capture the perfect shot and you get so excited and happy !

I spent so long scrolling through her blog and reading everything she put on there. She filled me with so my hope and inspiration and  uhhh I just love her tumblr so much. I can't describe how it made me feel - like something clicked in my brain and was like DUDE THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. That's when I totally realised photography is 100% what I want to do and that I can do it - I want to be paid to take pictures and travel. Exactly like she has. I guess we have a lot in common, her dad was a photographer and that's how she fell in love with it - and my dad is a photographer and that's how I fell in love with it.

Anyway, if you get a chance you should 100% check out her tumblr, instagram and website. How amazing is her work?! She's just incredible. Especially her travel photos on her website, they're probably my favourite. She seems so happy, passionate, lovely and warm. So grateful for her life and I just love her outlook on life so so much. I guess how she gets to spend her days is how I would like to spend mine. Getting paid to take pictures and travel the world with great company. So thank you Amber for inspiring me so much to live my life and surround myself with positive happy people who I love and love me, and for reminding me of what my passion is!

A, x

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Mr. Probz - Nothing Really Matters (Afrojack Remix)