Omg I literally had the best most fun night evaaaaaa last Friday night (forgot to post this the day after hehehe). My legs n body were in so much pain after dancing so much !! I've been dying to see Years & Years for soosoooso long and I missed out on tickets for both tours, and then on tuesday they said they have 50 more tickets for their shows this Thursday & Friday so we got some yaeeeaaaaaaaaaay I was so excited. They were literally so incredible live !! One of the best gigs I've ever ever ever been too. It was in Heaven nightclub so we decided to stay out after and had such a fun night! So many good memories from that night. 

I nicked some pics for this post from my best friend James that I went with as my camera on my iPhone is a bit old and shitty now from dropping it too many times haha, so mine weren't too great! He's super talented with his art - you should check him out here: facebook & website 

A, x 

Listening toooooooooo; Years & Years