20 things I learnt before I turned 20

1) Family are the MOST important thing compared to anything else. They won't be there forever, no one will. Appreciate them, invest your time and effort into them, create memories that will last a lifetime, go on breaks with them, watch a movie, have a cup of tea, go on a long walk, talk, tell them everything you want too, say I LOVE YOU, keep reminding them that.

2) Your heart will break, a lot, over so many different things and it's the worst feeling ever. It will be over boys, over deaths, over dreams not coming true, over feeling like a failure and its horrible, you'll feel like your heart has been ripped out of you, you won't be able to focus, you'll cry for days BUT you find an inner strength to pull yourself up, make yourself better and keep going. As my mumma has always said, everyone has an inner strength. 

3) You will learn that you are SO much more stronger then you ever imagined.

4) Your momma and dad are always right - as much as I hate to admit it (!!) There are so many times I think back and remember my mum and dad telling me this would happen. Appreciate them! They love you more than anything, you're their pride and joy. 

5) You can't make people love, like or accept you - learning to love yourself is such a crucial part of life. I find this bit so difficult but I'm learning, and realising that it is probably the most important thing you'll ever learn.

6) Crying makes things so much better.

7) There is so so much more to life than just being 'pretty', 'skinny', 'fashionable', 'having long hair' ... - having a good heart, being happy, enjoying your life and so on are the most important things - the other ones are materialistic and will only give you happiness for a little bit. Please don't judge your self worth on having a thigh gap or super flat stomach ( I need to work on this one still !)

8) Ups and downs are normal - so normal, you've got to ride the wave and feel every emotion. Know that it is normal to cry yourself to sleep one night and wake up the next morning feeling on top of the world. It makes you human! No one can be happy all the time. 

9) Your mind will change ALOT, and that's ok! That's so normal - it's part of life. Just try hard to not stress yourself out about it.

10) The things that scare you the most will probably be the things that give you the most happiness later on in life - Facing your fears and accomplishing something that used to be terrifying to you is, hands down, the BEST feeling in the world. Trust me.

11) There will be so many times people let you down - family, friends, colleagues, boyfriends, girlfriends and so on. You have to learn to rely on yourself - that is one of the most important lessons I have ever learnt. Spending time on your own doing what you love, or just breathing for 10 minutes means you get to learn about YOU as a person. No one knows you better than you do, I once saw a quote that said something along the lines off "I can’t emphasize enough the importance of solo adventures. Everything from eating lunch by yourself to strolling in the park alone all help to shape your sense of independence. If you’re never by yourself how will you ever know yourself."

12) You will loose friends, people who you thought you'll be friends with forever probably won't be, and the people who annoyed you the most at the beginning will probably end up being in your best friends and you'll end up getting on with them sooooo much. 

13) NOTHING lasts forever - these three words saved my life.

14) Boys do not equal happiness - they will break you at some point in your life. Don't go into a relationship thinking they'll make you better or happier. Love yourself, and be happy with your life first. That's the most important thing.

15) The tiny, simple things in life really are the ones that will bring you the most happiness. Sunrises, sun kissed skin, warm showers, fresh sheets, a cup of tea in the morning, salty skin, wind in your hair, birds singing in the morning, looking at the stars. 

16) Setting goals and having ambitions is so important, make sure you find something that sets a burning passion off in your soul. Something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning, something that makes you so happy. You'll meet your greatest friends whilst following your passions. Find something worth fighting for. If something doesn't make you feel like that, quit. Do the thing that does. 

17) Live in the moment - Wanna go travelling? Go for it. Want a night out with your friends? Do it. Want a spontaneous midnight get away? Do it - This is what makes life worth living

18) Living a simplistic life is the best and so important, drink water, eat your fruits and vegs, smile at people, practise yoga when you want too, drink wine when you want, go out running, watch the sunrise, have a spontaneous night out with your friends, sleep in one morning, wake early the next, make the most of weekends, go on an adventure around your town. 

19) You will NEVER, EVER regret waking up to watch the sunrise - sure, you may feel tired for a little bit, but it will fill you with so much hope and happiness that will last you for the whole day. 

20) Absolutely EVERYTHING happens for a reason. 

'There's a point, around age twenty,' [he] said, 'when you have to choose whether to be like everybody else the rest of your life, or to make a virtue of your peculiarities.'

— Ursula K. Le Guin, The Dispossessed.