Like before

Ahh, Ive had such a nice few days. I had such a lovely day on Thursday, I set out with my favourite music in my ears and my film camera and decided to explore London a little more as I feel like I haven't really done that since moving here. I went to China Town which was amaaaazing, walked to Embankment, spent ages in book stores flicking through lovely new books and picked up some pretty daffodils and tulips from a little flower stall outside the tube station. It was soooo sunny and fairly warm which was SOO nice and felt so good getting back out and taking pictures again. 

This weekends been lovely; my best friend came down, had a fun night out with the girls, late night chick flicks & chats, and early(ish) McDonalds breakfasts. And now I have a mountain of work to conquer..... 


Listening toooooo; Years & Years - Real / King 
- So obsessed with this band at the moment