It's 2:09am

"It's 2:09am and I'm sitting on my bed smiling like an idiot and eating nutella dipped strawberries which will probably make me feel ill tomorrow but thats ok and I don't know why but I just feel so happy even after all the shitty stuff that's happened recently and after how sad and lost I've felt and I'm just sitting on my bed smiling and feeling so happy and it just feels so good and I know that tomorrow I might wake up feeling shitty again but that's ok because these short feelings of unexpected intense happiness are worth it and they always will be and maybe it's because I've drank a little or maybe it's because a boy is making me happy or maybe it's because I'm starting to let go or kind words have made me happy but whatever it is I never want this feeling to go ever."

A, x

Coldplay - Magic

*picture taken from my tumblr*