Being an intern for MULBERRY ! what

EEEK THIS WAS SO EXCITING. I was super super lucky to be given the chance to intern at Mulberry during London Fashion Week!!
 I had so much fun and met some really lovely lovely people, all the girls who work their and the other interns were so nice. It was also pretty cool as there was a wholefoods at the end of the road which was, uhhh, amazing. I love that place more than anything !! 

I felt so grateful to have been part of this collection and to have learnt about how everything was made - from the inspiration to techniques to make something have a particular texture. I don't think I've been that tired after it finished, and I was only there for a few days!! I was so happy to see my bed at the end of each day :-) 

A, x

Their AW 2015 collection was so amazing, I fell completely in love with the two Dixter coats. The pink one which is pictured above, called the Dixter Coat in Rose Petal, was hand painted with a Filigree design. The other Dixter Coat - Dixter Coat in Midnight Haircalf was so lovely, it looked so great in pictures. (Picture just below)

Most beautiful coat!!

An artist named Tom Price made the showroom installation that can be seen in the presentation. It was made out of familiar materials. I met him later on that night and he was really lovely and down to earth. A really cool guy. 

This dress and coat looked so beautiful in person. 

I also really loved their hatti skirts. They were so pretty and elegant - I absolutely love the way they mixed patterns and how they had a strong pattern next to a much lighter colour.

This was a huuuuuuge bag that was on the second floor of the building. Pretty cool huh!

Oh yeah and they had a chef named Skye Gyngell who made the BEST blood orange juice and green juice, it tasted sooooo good !!

Listening tooooooo; Marina & The Diamonds - I'm a Ruin