Adventuring London

AHHH TODAY WAS SO CUTE N FUN. I went to the Fashion & Textiles museum with JB (it's made me miss my Pittsburgh fam soon much :-() and we saw the Thea Porter exhibition which was so so good. I loved it so much, her work was so incredible and she was so talented and it made me feel super inspired to make sure I put more time and effort into my Textiles work again. I miss spending endless days behind sowing machines and filling sketchbooks up with inspiration and samples of fabric I like and sketches of things I could make, and then hunting around to find the perfect bits to embellish the final piece with , oh yeah and stabbing my fingers countless times with needles (!! I don't miss that part !!) 

There was a cute little Photo Booth in the gallery with orange flower headbands so me and JB got our sass on and took some pictures. Afterwards we wondered around and came across this cute little cafe that had fresh flowers in lovely colours and cute furniture outside, can you tell i'm obsessed with flowers yet??? It looked so pretty and cozy inside.

We ended our day in Leons and laughing about the way we both pronounce words... JB pronounces things like aluminium as alooominum, and brochure as broSURE, hahahahah so funny.

A, x 


Bleachers - Rollercoaster 
this is suuuuuch a good song and I just love the band so so much. I saw them at wireless last year and they were AMAZE

(p.s this was meant to be posted yesterday but I fell asleep..woops)