"Reach for the stars, be creative, build a fort, 
ride a bike, bounce on the bed, imaginemake music, 
lie in the grass, 
look for shapes in the clouds, 
laugh a lot, dream big, run barefoot, climb trees, 
spin until you are dizzy, roll down a hill, 
dance, jump in puddles"

So here we are, summer was a whirlwind, but the best summer I could have ever wished for. Too many happy memories that make me smile all the time. My days were filled with music, reading, too much laughter, ocean swims, festivals, endless beach days, spontaneous nights out, bike rides along the sea, long beach runs, late night movies & colourful sunsets. 

But just because summers ended doesn't mean that those feelings of freedom & happiness & that thirst for adventure has too. I guess it's all just starting again. It's that time to focus on living the life I picture myself living and to achieve all my goals and plans that I've set. I wake up every morning with too much excitement.. maybe it's because I've started university and it's taking that first step in doing what I love, or maybe it's because I've moved away to the city and there's that excitement of unknown adventure & surprises out there, of meeting all these new people and seeing all these new places. I've got so many fun & amazing things lined up already, and I cannot wait...

"Let me take you to a place where there is something in the air - a city of lights - a city of dreams, fashion, glamour and romance - a heartbeat of young and old alike." - unknown

A, x